John Cipollina - Electric Guitarslinger

1943 - 1989

John Cipollina Web Graphic - Bat Design

Scan of Metal Cutout by John Cipollina

Gibson SGThe Bat Logo on the header graphic of the this web site was designed by John Cipollina.  John designed guitars and was an artist that worked in many different mediums.  He often designed bat like shapes to use as pick guards and ornamental accessories on the guitars he designed and built. 

The graphic of the Purple Bat that is used on the header of this web site, was a design that John Cipollina cut out of a piece of metal.  The metal bat was created as a pattern for a guitar ornament to be cut from plastic used for guitar pick guards.   The metal piece was recently placed on a computer scanner and then converted into a web graphic by a web designer. You can see similar designs by John Cipollina on his custom built Gibson SG Guitar (currently on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum).