John Cipollina - Electric Guitarslinger

1943 - 1989

John Cipollina´s Discography

Stu Blank
Under The Big Top, Kingspot 1988

Brewer & Shipley
Brewer & Shipley, Kama Sutra 1971
Shake Off The Demon, Kama Sutra 1971

Copperhead CBS, Dutch, Edsel 1973
Roller Derby Star, Chameleon (45 rpm) Columbia 1973
Live 73, Blue Velvet 1973
Drunken Irish Setter, Oh Boy 1990

Papa John Creach
Janitor Drives A Cadillac (45 rpm) Grunt 1971

Dinosaurs Relix, Line, Big Beat 1988
Live in San Francisco, Oh Boy 1988

Merrell Fankhauser
Day In Paradise, Sourse 1985
Dr. Fankhauser, D Town 1986

The Ghosts
Playin In The Band, Whirled Records 1984

The Grateful Dead
Closing of Winterland, Trademark of Quality
Nick Gravenites
My Labors Columbia, Columbia Britain 1969
Blue Star, Line 1980

Mickey Hart
Rolling Thunder, Warner Brothers 1972

Robert Hunter
Amagamalin Street, Relix 1984

Matthew Kelly
Wing & A Prayer, Relix 1985

Charles Lloyd
Warm Waters, Kapp 1971

Maximum Darkness, United Artists 1975

Kathi McDonald
Insane Asylum, Capitol 1974

Novato Frank Band
Marijuana, Grow Your Own (45 rpm)
Rock 'n' Roll Heaven, Legend 1995


Quicksilver Messenger Service
Quicksilver Messenger Service, Capitol 1968
"Revolution" soundtrack, United Artists 1968
Happy Trails, Capitol 1969
Shady Grove, Capitol 1969
Who Do You Love/Which Do You Love?, Capitol 1969
Just For Love, Capitol 1970
What About Me, Capitol 1970
Fresh Air/Freeway Flyer (45 rpm), EMI/Capitol, Holland 1970
Live At Winterland, bootleg 1970
Anthology Capitol, Capitol Japan 1973
Solid Silver, Capitol 1975
Ultimate Journey (compilation) See For Miles 1986
Best Of Capitol 1988
Live in San Francisco, Living Legend 1988
Smokestack Lightning, Moby Dick 1989
New Years' Eve 67-68, Wildbird 1989
Prairie Rose (Fillmore East 1968), World Productions 1989
Calvary Vulture 1990
Sons Of Mercury (2 CD set), Rhino 1991
Summer of 68, Blue Knight 1993
Summer of Love, Platinum Disc 1994
Trilogy Box Set, Capitol
The Psychedelic Years, bootleg CD
Smokin Sound, bootleg CD
Super Hits ("Fresh Air"), Pickwick
Wings ("Light Your Windows"), Capitol
Super Oldies Vol. 4 ("Pride Of Man"), Capitol
New Scene ("Fresh Air"), Capitol
Best of QMS Holland, EMI/Capitol
Maiden of the Cancer Moon, Psycho
The Best Of...("Who Do You Love / Stand By Me"), Canadian/Capitol
Quicksilver Messanger Service California Christmas ("Mojo, The Fool"), Penguin 1966
Live in San Jose, Groucho (picture disc) 1966
Problem Child
It's Not My Fault, Legend 1996

Raven, Line 1980

San Francisco All Stars
Vol. 1, Flying Horse 1980
Vol. 2, Flying Horse 1981

Nathan Sark
Nomad Blues, Private Pressing 1995
(w/R. Kreiger, N. Hopkins, S. Dryden, R. Anderson, M. Ford, B. Valory)

Pete Sears
Watchfire, Redwood (1 song w/John) 1988

Rocky Sullivan
City Lights, Jupiter (2 songs w/John) 1979
Illegal Entry, Jupiter, Rag Baby, Line 1980
Shake Your Shake/Love Me Just A Little, Jupiter (45 rpm) 1980
Internal Affairs Rag Baby, Line, Line reissue

Terry and The Pirates
Too Close For Comfort Wild Bunch, Legend 1979, 1994
Doubtful Handshake, Line 1980
Montana Eyes/I Put A Spell On You, Line (45 rpm) 1980
Wind Dancer Rag Baby, Line 1981
Rising Of The Moon Rag Baby, Line 1982
Acoustic Rangers, Sawdust 1987
Silverado Trail, Big Beat 1990
2 CD Set, Oh Boy 1993

Thunder & Lightning (aka GRAVENITES-CIPOLLINA)
Monkey Medicine
Big Beat, Line, Legend (2 bonus songs) 1982, 1994
Live In Bonn, bootleg 1982
Live in Athens at Club Rodon, Music Box International 1991
Live At Stanhope House, Oh Boy 1994

Michael Wilhelm
Mean Ol' Frisco, New Rose 1985

Wolf Pack
Public Enemy #1/Mr. Big Song (45 rpm), Wolf Pack Records 1982

Here Goes Nothin, Relix 1987
Nothin Goes Here, Mobile Fidelity 1990
Go Hear Nothin (Live), Whirled 1991
Live At The Fillmore, Oh Boy 1994

Teacher (45 rpm), Nasty Records 1973
West Coast (Terry & The Pirates, Raven, N. Gravenites), Line Records 1980
First Press (Novato Frank Band), Rail Records 1981
Legends From The Bay Vol. 1 (Fish & Chip, QMS, Copperhead, Terry & The Pirates, Area Code 415), Red Devil Records 1988
Legends of Guitar "Rock the 60s", Rhino Records 1990
Moody Guitars, Line 1991
That´s Line, Line 1991
San Francisco Nights, Rhino 1991
Thru The Years, Thru The Bands (QMS, Novato Frank Band, Dinosaurs, Mickey Hart, Zero, Thunder & Lightning, Fish & Chip, Sounds of San Francisco), Oh Boy 1994
Mickey Hart & Friends ("Fire On The Mountain") w/J. Garcia, B. Melton, R. Hunter, D. Freiberg, P. Lesh, M. Bloomfield, PJ Creach, Planet Records 1995

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