John Cipollina - Electric Guitarslinger

1943 - 1989

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  • DVD Project completion  - The DVD project completed The DVD version of "Electric Guitarslinger" with bonus material including great interviews and live concert footage is done.  There's great extended interviews and rare concert footage in this 3 DVD package. We have really appreciated the help we have recently received from our friends over at Rockpalast and Wolfgang's Vault.

  • Visit the new Nicky Hopkins website at   Visit the Jim McPherson website . Also you can visit a nice Gary Philippet tribute page by clicking here.

  • Terry & The Pirates the legendary San Francisco Bay Area super group have 2 new CD releases of vintage recordings out, featuring John Cipollina with Terry Dolan, Greg Douglass, Nicky Hopkins, Buddy Cage, and many other great musicians.

    "Too Close For Comfort" , "Comanche Boots", as well as the previously released "Terry & The Pirates Return To Silverado", are released on Evangeline Records in the UK and can be found at and are available at Amoeba Records - also at beginning November 25th and coming soon at Collectors Choice Music and other cool places too.

  • The Official John Cipollina Memorial mySpace page is just getting started and we're hoping to find many of John's fans and friends there. Please feel free to send us a mySpace friend request and/or leave your comments about John!
  • There's a lot of John Cipollina footage on We found this video of the John Farey Band with John(guitar), Mario(bass), and Antonia(keyboard) Cipollina all playing along.

    Then there is Ethan, whose father said if he learned to play "Who Do You Love?", he would buy him a new bass. His father bought him the bass. Check out Ethan on YouTube at

  • To remember the legendary saxophone player Martin Fierro (Legion of Mary with Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead's "Wake of the Flood", Quicksilver Messenger Service, Zero, etc)

  • The Hollywood Rock Walk has expressed some interest in having John Cipollina as an indcutee. Located at the site of the famed Oriental Theatre (now Guitar Center Hollywood) Hollywood's RockWalk® has honored such creatively diverse and equally as accomplished individuals and groups such as Aerosmith, Van Halen, Johnny Cash, Dick Clark, Willie Dixon, The Doobie Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, KISS, Les Paul, John Lee Hooker, The Moody Blues, Phil Ramone and Smokey Robinson.

    Unlike Hollywood's Walk of Fame, which allows the public to submit nominations for future inductees, all Hollywood's RockWalk® inductees are chosen solely by past honorees.   But John's fans can help by contacting the folks at the Rock Walk web site and letting them know that John Cipollina should be an inductee.  Click here for Contact info

  • "Man" live with John Cipollina - CD Released in UK - John Cipollina playing with "Man" at the Keystone in Berkeley, California - September 8, 1976. John plays on the last four tracks of the two CD set.